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Darkstar's Tale:

The rouge padded around the stone floor, her gray paws shifted slowly, her rib cage was see-able from all sides, she then stopped, she looked at a dead hare. "I found something, it's fresh too." She meowed weakly. She opened her mouth and sniffed the air, no cats were around. She leaned down next to the prey and took a bite out of it. Suddenly, a cat jumped out at Darkstar, Dark at the time, the cat pinned Dark down and grinned. "This is my prey!" The cat hissed, claws unsheathed. "Look we're all starving, radiation is spreading! A cat told me it's poison that the two-legs are making." Dark hissed furiously. "Y-you know the secret?" The cat asked, getting off of Dark and sheathing their claws.

"What secret?" Dark asked. "The secret about the two-leg poison." The cat said, dipping it's head. "Oh, my friend told me, i need to hunt for her because she is sick, very ill." Dark said, a cold, hard rocky feeling hit her heart and throat after she finished her sentence. She shook the feeling away and nodded. "I'm so sorry, you can have my prey, i have tons, i just am a bit greedy but deep down i'm caring." The cat said, scooting the hare towards Dark. "Thanks, maybe you can visit our place." Dark said nicely, her bond was growing every few minutes she spent with this cat. "Really, i thought cats wouldn't trust other cats enough to let them stay at their place."

The cat meowed, ears pricked up. "I trust you." Dark mewed, padding past the cat. "Now, follow me." Dark meowed, letting her gray tail lash in the breeze, a wind hit her face, it was the scent of blood. The cat opened their mouth and sniffed the wind, they could smell the blood, the cat picked the hare up. A cat with claws as sharp as spikes lashed out and Dark, eager for blood. Dark was pinned to the ground, the blood-thirsty cat sneered and put their claws close to Dark's neck, Dark leaned her head forward, trying to escape from death. The cat's eyes were slits, bloody slits. Dark kicked the cat off of her with her hind paws. As she scrambled to her paws, the cat started panting from the kick in the stomach. Dark leap on the cat, claws unsheathed.

She killed the evil cat. She got off of dead cat's body. "What did you do!" Dark's friend grunted. "I saved you, by killing it before it could kill us and take the hare, possibly find my other friend." Dark hissed quietly. "Let's just get to your place before we die." Dark's friend mewed. "Yeah." Dark agreed. They shifted their paws toward a alleyway with trashcans, boxes and even a pile of two mice. "Here we are."

Dark meowed. "How disgusting! You live here? Why not live in a abandoned two-leg place!" Dark's friend hissed loudly, waking up a ill gray-and-black she-cat with blue eyes. "Who in mouse-brains are you?" She asked madly. "I'm a cat like you." The cat hissed. "Let's just-" Dark began before her sick friend cut her off. "Fight?" She asked.

"No, sit and chat nicely." She said. "Fine. I'm gonna die anyways." The blue eyed she-cat hissed. Dark had an idea, while they were blabbering about death she sneaked out and went into the forest and found some catmint, she didn't know if it would work put she took it and padded back the the alleyway. She dropped it and scooted it to her friend. "Eat it, it'll cure you." She hissed. "Fine." Her friend hissed, eating it. She suddenly felt better. After that, the two-leg poison stopped, they could breathe! It was a miracle for Dark and her friends. (End)